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0101_1Houses and land for sale in Bangsaphan and Ban Krut
With the explosion of the property and real estate market in Hua Hin people are finding that prices have risen so sharply that a holiday home can no longer be afforded. Here in Bangsaphan we haven’t witnessed this and have a number of houses and plots of land for sale for far less than their equivalent in other parts of Thailand.

Bang Saphan offers a far more laid back living environment along with less major tourism and nicer beaches. The area is developing but at a slow pace which prevents housing booms and an influx of people inflating the prices. Now is the time to invest in property in Bangsapan. Every year Bangsapan property and land prices increase so there is no better time, the area is becoming very popular with weekend Bangkokians and foreign tourists.

0002_1Bangsaphan Property and Rental prices
Take a look at our forum for the latest price guide updates, land prices are always on the rise, especially near the beach. As rental property becomes popular prices for these also rise, especially in high season.



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