Bangsaphan Restaurants
Most of the popular bars and restaurants can be found in the Suan Luang beach area, where most of the accommodation is. There are a lot of Thai food stalls and smaller restaurants in town however very little English is spoken and menus (if they have them) are likely to be only in Thai. One exception to this is Tae’s Restaurant which can be found just along from the railway station. There are a number of Thai seafood restaurants around the bay at Mae Rampheung and probably too many to list here. There are also local markets on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s that have typical Thai market food and snacks.

Bangsaphan is not a late night place and most restaurants will be closed by 9 pm. Those in the tourist areas will stay open later if they have customers and many close up completely for the low season (May-October).

Bangsaphan eating and drinking venue guide
countryroadRecommended: Country Road
Bar & Restaurant

Situated just 200 meters from the beach next to Palm Gardens Resort. This nrecently opened venue has a full range of pasta dishes, fish and chips, and the best burgers in the area, the Thai menu is also extensive. With a country & western theme there is plenty of easy listening music to enjoy and a very relaxed ambiance. Open Daily 14.00 – 22.00. Find out more: Country Road Bar & Restaurant

Suan Sabai Sabai
A classy French Thai restaurant with beautiful garden settings, prime cut steaks, fine wines and probably the best pizza in Bangsaphan.

Lan Talay Seafood
A wide range of the finest seafood Thailand has to offer. Through town and on the way to Mae Rampheung bay.

Roy Tawan Restaurant
This friendly family run beach side restaurant offers a complete breakfast menu to suit all tastes. Here you will find the best cheese omelettes and Italian style coffee in the area. Western or Thai meals and baguettes are available throughout the day. This is the most relaxing venue for the early breakfast, brunch or lunch with beautiful views across BangSaphan bay to Koh Talu.

whynotWhy Not Restaurant and Bar
This beachside restaurant offers traditional Thai Western favourites and some Western snacks such as deep fried white fish or prawns in batter and French fries. The restaurant doubles up as a bar and has become popular with local residents and travelers staying in the nearby hotels and bungalows.
Open daily 12.00 – 23.00

Just up the road there is now the newly opened Why Not Cafe offering breakfasts, shakes and coffee.

Tae’s Restaurant
Tae Restaurant in town is approximately 100 meters down the road as you exit the railway station and turn right towards town. It stays open later than most and offers a full Thai menu and a number of good Western options.

bewbeam15Bew Beams Bar & Restaurant
This long running establishment serves German and Swiss favourites and Thai food, it is on the main road on the way to town. Good food at good prices and the best rosti this side of Bern.

Blue Bar and Restaurant
Open a little later than the others Blue Bar is popular with the expat crowd, it has a range of Thai and farang food and live music three nights a week.

Maprao Kitchen/Coffee Black
Brand new to Bangsaphan, this trendy looking venue has the usual range of Thai and western dishes, and of course coffee.

A small local restaurant offering cheap steaks, pizzas, pasta and Thai dishes on the second road from the beach.

Lek’s Restaurant
Just recently opened Lek’s has become a popular spot for breakfast overlooking the bay.

iTalay Restaurant
Italay is a beach front restaurant serving a full Thai menu. It is located just past the Coral Hotel.

Sweet Home Bakery
This place is in town just before the railway crossing, they serve coffee, ice cream and a full range of cakes and pastries. Freshly made French and German breads are available daily.

blossomCoffee Blossom
Probably the best coffee in Bangsaphan, this small coffee shop and p√Ętisserie is a must for those with a sweet tooth! It is located in town near the bus station.

Most of the hotels and bungalow operations have their own restaurants but prices maybe a little higher than those outside, take a look at the map, have a wander around and try a few!