Chumporn marine park temporarily closed

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Chumporn marine park temporarily closed

Post by buksida » 11 Aug 2016 10:22

Chumporn provincial governor Somdee Kachayoungyuen has ordered the closure of Chumporn marine park for a temporary indefinite period to all tourism-related and fishing activities from now on until further notice.

He said that the closure order followed a survey report from the National Park Wildlife and Plants Conservation Department showing that coral reefs at and around several islands in Chumporn marine park have been bleaching and, if tourism-related activities in the park are not suspended, the damage to the coral reefs from bleaching may be beyond rehabilitation.

The park covers Ngarm Noi, Maphrao, Kula and Raed islands.

Mr Rakpong Boonyoi, the marine park chief, said that the islands in Chumporn marine park are rich with staghorn corals and many of them are bleaching. He admitted that the temporary closure of the park might affect tourism business but there are other islands outside the park such as Ngam Yai and Hin Pae rock which are not closed and are rich with corals. ... ly-closed/

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