Millions of jellyfish wash up on beaches in Chumphon

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Millions of jellyfish wash up on beaches in Chumphon

Post by buksida » 10 Feb 2015 18:25

Millions of jellyfish have washed up on numerous beaches along a 20-kilometre long east coast in Chumphon province, casting doubts among local residents and tourists of whether it was any indication of natural catastrophe.

Beaches all the way from Sapree to Thung Wualaen in Chumphon are now covered with millions of the jellyfishes.

Hundreds of local residents and tourists flocked the beaches watching and talking about the mystery of their arrival on shore.

One sea turtle of 3-4 years old was also sighted dead among the huge number of dead jellyfishes.

A village headman Pisit Leeviriyapaibul said the jellyfish is not harmful as it is a specie of ring jellyfish.

It is like a small cube with transparent body and is not poisonous, he said.

He said he has reported the phenomenon to the Fishery Research and Development Centre in the Gulf of Thailand to inspect and collect samples of the jellyfishes for investigation.

Jellyfishes normally live below the sea surface but their influx is believed to be caused by rising water temperatures. ... s-chumphon

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