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Daytrip to Hua Hin from Ban Krut

Posted: 17 Jan 2014 10:34
by kibuu

i want to ask if there is an option to do a day trip from Ban Krut to Hua Hin with public transportation (bus/train).

Is there a bus going direkt to Hua Hin? The trains schedule isnt very helpful.

Biggest problem seems to be the way back. Are there reliable options from Hua Hin back to Ban Krut?

If ve never been in Hua Hin before, only passing by.

Thanks for advices

Re: Daytrip in Hua Hin

Posted: 17 Jan 2014 14:38
by bajm
The train is not realy an option, only if you consider to leave in the night and come back the next night.

Bus: you can go to Petkasem road, wait for a bus from the south to Bangkok and hop off in Hua Hin.
Similar for the way back to Ban Krut.

The best option in my opinion, would be to go to "Ban Krut tour and travel" or Ros-Tip restaurant and hire a taxi for the day.

Re: Daytrip in Hua Hin

Posted: 17 Jan 2014 17:04
by Big Boy
bajm, aren't there early trains going to Bangkok via Hua Hin each morning, and trains from Hua Hin from about 4pm until late? Or don't these trains stop at Ban Krut?

Re: Daytrip in Hua Hin

Posted: 18 Jan 2014 10:53
by bajm
BB, you got me confused so I cycled to the station to have a look at the schedule.
Last year we had a similar question from friends, who wanted to go to HH for a day and we quickly skipped the train option, because it appeared to be not very practical.

This is the northbound schedule from Ban Krut and you are right, there is indeed a train scheduled for 9:01 AM.
But when I was there around 10:00 AM this morning, the platform was still packed with people waiting for it.
This is the "all windows open" train, which stops at every station and takes more than 4 hours to reach Hua Hin.

Re: Daytrip in Hua Hin

Posted: 20 Jan 2014 19:21
by Big Boy
Aren't there any earlier trains than that? They must be passing through Ban Krut all night going to Bangkok via Hua Hin.

I know what you're saying about the full platform. 1 hour late seems to be the norm for Thai Railways.

Re: Daytrip in Hua Hin

Posted: 22 Jan 2014 08:17
by buksida
Getting to and from Hua Hin is still not easy, train is probably about the best option if you want public transport.

We're still waiting for them to start a minivan service between the two towns!

Re: Daytrip to Hua Hin from Ban Krut

Posted: 07 Feb 2014 20:15
by bbfan23
Why not take the 10am bus (~B200) from BanKrut (main street), leave at Pranburi (ask the service guy) and take a minivan to HuaHin already waiting at Pranburi. Village market might be a place to get dropped off. The minivans is B30. You'll reach HuaHin about the same time (12:30?) the 9:01 train would roll in if on time. To get back you might already buy a ticket at BanKrut railway station for the ride HuaHin-BanKrut by train 169, scheduled for 20:07, often (always?) however being late an hour or two. You therefore might be back to BanKrut rather late with no saleng waiting. So position your bicycle at the station. Buying the ticket in BanKrut is a good choice: in this train you need a seat. If no seat is available you might want to adjern your trip. When purchasing your train ticket, take a train schedule sheet (brown sheet, behind the glass). It does help. :wink: