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Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 22 Jun 2011 16:13
by buksida
Here are some extracts from Kassama's first Ban Krut newsletter:

Newsletter No. 1 JUNE, 2011

The response by annual visitors to be kept up-to-date on happenings in Ban Krut Village has been overwhelming; a lot of people want to stay up to speed on the Village.

So, here’s the News:
WEATHER: Firstly, the weather in May and June has been excellent overall Intermittant rains have kept the village cooler than normal for this time of year, and it’s been very pleasant here. Also, the Village is enjoyable quiet now. Currently, rain arrives most days now (June 20)

OPENINGS: The resort formerly known as Laemkum (Location) is under new ownership and management, and it changing its name to Color Beach Resort. This is a very pleasant, not to mention hidden, resort some 8 km. south of Thap Sakae.

The modern homes at Ban Krut Village are not to be believed: absolutely, incredibly beautiful and very spacious. They are constructed to western specs, with an on-premises swimming pool. Sales price: approximately 4.4 MB (approx. U.S$146,000) and the word is that all of the homes contracted and built thus far have been sold.

7-11(Seven-Eleven): Many regular visitors to the Village might remember that the store was going to open here in Ban Krut. Work had stopped for many months, and various rumors flew as to why construction came to a halt. But it appears that construction is back on track and the store’s opening is projected for July.

CLOSINGS: Boon’s Moon bar is history. Boonsri closed it last month. The Siripong Guest House owner complained that she was tired of the late night noise, and doesn’t want another concession there.

The Blue Tent restaurant, so-called by many for lack of a commonly known name (located to the immediate right of the Tesabon Building, as one looks at it ) is closed. Ad’s wife will be working elsewhere. No definite word on any future plans. See MILESTONES Below.

Diva, the late-night watering hole is closed / open / closed /open for off-season. There’s no word if it will reopen on a regular basis during the tourism season, but probably so.

Meanwhile, bargains abound for the extended traveler making early arrangements for bungalows in Ban Krut. We’ll report again in September-October about High Season tourism. If you’re coming to Ban Krut for a few months, that will be the latest you can expect to book a preferable bungalow at a favorable price.

A note on bungalow reservations: We have never, ever, ever heard of a tourist being cheated out of a deposit here in Ban Krut. There is a less than honorable tendency by some tourists to ask locals to make, and guarantee accommodations for them without putting up one cent, only to later decide on another deal and skip out on obligations.

Bungalow owners have been taken advantage of by holding non-secured reservations awaiting occupants who arrive a month late or even longer and still get the bungalow without reimbursing the owner for the first month’s lost revenue. Owners are becoming aware of these tactics, and the moral of this tale is that money talks and non-secured reservations walk.

THE BANK VISITS BAN KRUT: A Government Savings Bank mobile unit now parks on Tuesdays in the Ban Krut Railroad parking lot as a convenience to Villagers. It saves running down to Bang Saphan when someone wants to make deposits or change larger notes for smaller bills. Of course, there are still four ATMs in the village.

COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY: There is apparently a new round of counterfeit 1,000 Baht notes circulating in Thailand. There are ways to detect these bogus notes, but too difficult to explain here. Kasama is posting the instructions at the restaurant.

Former Deputy-Mayor Pa Ad, Aroon Pukchan, died in April. Ad operated the Blue Tent restaurant, now closed. See above.

Mick James Rye died on Saturday, June 4th, of complications during surgery at the Bangkok (Branch) Hospital in Hua Hin.

FOR JAZZ LOVERS: A really neat Jazz duet had been available to play at venues around Ban Krut. The two Frenchmen; Claude & Marco, live most of the year down in Bang Saphan. (Claude;s wife is Lek, who operated a pizzeria for years before closing last year.) The duo is very enjoyable, and very versatile. Claude plays the electric guitar and sings, and Marco plays the saxophone and clarinet. They’ll be leaving for Europe for a few months, but will return sometime around October and will be playing in Ban Krut venues, including Kasama’s, this coming high season.

FOR FRESH WATER FISHERMEN: James Nathan Wardle operates a service and takes anglers to local Prachuap Khirikhan Province spots; Bung Sam Lan Lake, Ratchaburi Lake , Bang Na lakes, and others for Giant Snakehead Fish, and Mekong Catfish (the world’s largest catfish specie that can weigh as much as 300 kg.) Nathan also provides gear/tackle/bait. Interested anglers should check him out on

FILM CREW VISITING BAN KRUT: Radomir Krkic, TV producer of international fishing films airing in Europe will arrive to film a show in Ban Krut on June 24th, for a few days. For more information on Mr. Krkic and his TV shows, Google Radomir Krkic.

A VERY HANDY MAN: Gung, Toy’s husband, is available for a variety of construction tasks; carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, concrete, brick laying, hauling, etc., at very reasonable prices. He can be reached through Toy, at Kasama’s Restaurant.

BAN KRUT TOUR & TRAVEL: Jason, the proprietor, operates the only authorized travel agency in Ban Krut.

FYI: Kasama’s has made an agreement with Jason. Kasama will not seek rentals for visitors to Ban Krut and Jason won’t sell pizzas. Useful information, including a list of resorts will be found on

Final Item: We’re looking for a name for this newsletter. If you have any suggestions, let us know. The adapted suggestion will receive a dinner for two, with wine, aperitif, and dessert.

Thanks to and for this publication, we hope there will be more and that they'll update this thread with any news on Ban Krut.

Re: Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 22 Jun 2011 21:46
by mrMARIA
good to see jason and kasama have worked things out.........

Re: Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 06:24
by shunpike
Here are some extracts from Kassama's first Ban Krut newsletter:
Where can I find the full newsletter? I hit the Kassama Pizza link but found no link for the newsletter.

Cheers :)

Re: Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 08:23
by buksida
That is the full newsletter, we just clipped some links out to the property company and Kasama's menu which is on their website.

Re: Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 20:00
by shunpike
Thanks did look fairly full.

Re: Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 15:30
by bajm
Very good initiative to from Buksida and Kasama to have Ban Krut news online.
And I am sorry to read that Boon's bar is closed.

Re: Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 26 Sep 2012 11:37
by buksida
Extracts from the September Ban Krut news letter from Kasama:

WEATHER: The weather these past months remains confused. Just doesn’t know what it wants to do. It goes from pouring buckets, to long minutes, then light drizzles for awhile, a day and then the sun pops out beautifully for most of the day.

Despite the unpredictability, it’s always nice weather for full-time residents who don’t mind a little rain. As of this writing, it’s raining lightly off and on. As our accountant says: Go figure. The Songkran Festival supposedly takes place around the hottest days of the year. With all of the strange weather, we’re surprised it didn’t snow!

AROUND THE VILLAGE: More building, of course, and more permanent residents who are building their own homes or buying and renovating homes in some of the resorts. The Golden Sea Village at the former Tharnvara Resort), is being transformed into nothing short of miraculous with the old structures being demolished and rebuilt while properties in better shape are being renovated. There is even a new concrete road wandering through the entire complex. You wouldn’t recognize the place from just a year ago.

REMINDER:7-11 (Seven-Eleven) A reminder is that between 2–5 PM, 7-11 CANNOT SELL any alcoholic.

Another ATM This one, Ban Krut’s fifth, is located right there on the premises of 7-11, which of course is open 24 hours. Cirrus, Master Card, and other international accounts can be debited through this ATM.

Living House Continues Construction In the last issue we told you about the contemporary style beautiful homes being built at Baan Krood Village. This project has been nominated for the Thailand Property Award, 2011. You’ve got to see it to believe it. The entire project should be completed by December and there are only 3 homes left!

BUNGALOW RESERVATIONS FOR THE HIGH SEASON Again, surprisingly, a sampling of resort reservations is already showing that the coming high season– December 2012 to April 2013–will indeed, be high. With the international economy in the trash can, this response wasn’t expected, just as it wasn’t expected last year or the year before. We can’t yet determine if–while rentals are high–what the average duration of stay will be. While the numbers of snowbirds visiting is definitely higher, their stays seem shorter: 2011-2012 season was a larger volume than 2010-2011, and 2012-2013 is expected to be larger still.

Whatever the economy, Thai Tourism to Thailand remains undaunted, and throughout this and last year’s supposedly slow season, they’ve been visiting through the year, and they’re still coming. These are package tours, and clearly, the largest number of tourists to Ban Krut are Thai, unlike destinations such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phaghan, Koh Tao, etc., who cater to the farang. The baht is holding strong against most other currencies. That’s not entirely bad news; increasingly, Thais now seem to have more spending power. Maybe that only appears to be the case since Thais take shorter, but more, holidays than Europeans.

CLOSING - Avatar, Prim Saengsasithorn’s brother’s establishment next to KeeReeWaree Resort closed at the end of January. It’s expected that it may reopen in the future. Too bad; it was a nice place for cocktails in the late afternoon.

OPENINGS - An interesting little beer bar at the junction of (what we call) Main Street and Beach Road, squeezed in right next to Boon’s. This place is open year 'round and seems to offer a good drinks menu and is patronized mostly by Thai’s, but everyone is welcome. Boon is closed for the quiet season.

Re: Ban Krut newsletter and update

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 16:09
by buksida
Extracts from Kasama's December news letter:

We had extremely heavy rains for almost two weeks. Flooding was feared and some low lying land was under water. The creek behind our home rose some ten-12 feet, but it’s down now and nothing drastic happened. The rains ceased, finally, and the sun pops out daily, hangs around all day.

Mornings have been beautiful and overnight aircon isn’t needed with temperatures in the mid-low 20s, Celsius, or 72-76 Fahrenheit.)
Annual snowbirds are already showing up. At first, the tourism season stretched from December into April; and now it’s starting earlier for some.
As we reported in September, reservations for the high season remain strangely consistent, but what is interesting is that we’re noticing is a drop in low-end (budget) reservations and arrivals, those 150 baht per night and all-the-beer-they-can-drink low rollers.

While higher costs are not likely due to the forthcoming wage increases for many Thai worker earning less than 300 baht per day. They are scheduled to rise to the mandatory 300 baht level by January, 2013, but prices in general are rising in Thailand like everywhere else. Travel, for one thing, is estimated to have increased by more than 7% over last year.

R.I.P. We just lost Anop Prachunarong, our good neighbor and part-time resident of Suan Ban Krut. Anop held posts in the Thailand Ministry of Agriculture and as Director of Pathumwan Institute of Technology. His cremation was held on Saturday, October 6. He was a spry eighty-six years old. He will be missed.

AROUND THE VILLAGE: The new Tesaban (Town Hall) building is finished, but yet to be dedicated. That’s the local government building, a rather imposing three-storey structure located directly opposite the Saturday Market.

GONE, HOPEFULLY FOR GOOD: The local video (DVD) shop was visited by the police in May who were raiding such establishments for intellectual property violations. They never finished the job as the owner made herself scarce.Vanish long enough the Thai cops tend to forget what they come for. However, in June, the owner allegedly stole a laptop from a home near one of the resorts. Unfortunately for her, the laptop owner had installed security software (LoJack or something similar) and the police followed the signal right to the video shop. She was arrested and gone from Ban Krut within a week. Her shop house, located next door the Kasama’s storage room, has now been rented to a motorcycle rental concern operated by Thip and Champ.

Krua Lobmum Restaurant (known as The Hidden Corner Restaurant) opposite the 7-11 failed and the owner sold it to Krua Rod Thip (the internet shop owner).

A WHALE WATCHING designated area has been posted along the beach road just south of Ban Krut. (the 15 kilometer-long beach leading down to Bangsaphan.)