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Wanted: Property Clean-Up Help in San Luang

Posted: 15 Aug 2019 11:15
by NolaK
Help Wanted!

2 Weeks Work M-F - 4 hours per day 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

If you know anyone - EXPERIENCED - who can help with any of the following tasks, please let me know.


Need to hire:

1 Person for general property clean up inside and out:

Includes everything from raking leaves and cutting down flower bushes to house cleaning, including windows, floors, refrigerator… everything.

Once this job is over there may be an opportunity for work 1-2 days per week to maintain clean up.

200 baht per hour for hard worker who shows up and follows instructions


1 or 2 People to work on 1 or more of the following tasks:

Concrete poor under garden wall - apron 2-3 meters where the way builder did not do it

Install or 1-2 PVC tubes through another section of concrete wall foundation to help with drainage - must have own tools.

Hanging of 4 new doors inside house. Frames are already in place, just replacing old doors - MUST have own tools including whatever is needed to make holes and install the new doorknobs.

Hang 6 wood panels in car gate and 3 wooden gates in yard. Will need skill saw to slightly adjust sizes.

Other random tasks include, repair of one slow leak under a sink, removal or old bamboo sala, fixing or taking hanging screen door to repair shop, etc.

Pay negotiated by the job.


Must not be afraid of dogs, or mean to them.

Please keep comments on topic with questions or constructive suggestions only. I do not need to hear a bunch of ferangs saying what can’t be done in Thailand and why. I’ve been here over a decade, but still believe in trying.

Re: Wanted: Property Clean-Up Help in San Luang

Posted: 27 Aug 2019 23:35
by cjsiam
Nola, just wondered how this went? did you get any good leads?