Random items for sale

Buy and sell items or services here (no spam or commercial real estate please).
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Random items for sale

Post by NolaK » 19 Jul 2017 11:16

I am clearing out my storage closet.

Here are some thing I am trying to get rid of:


Circular saw - used 1 day 2 years ago, works perfectly: 1,000 baht


Large dog doors good quality, still in the box, shipped in from America 1.5 years ago: 1,000 baht


Some sort of wooden cabinet. Bout over a year ago, was still in the wrapper. I took it out just to take the photo: 100 baht


Large Mirror 24x30 inches: 100 baht


22 inch Toshiba TV with remote.

I purchased this TV 3 years ago to use as a second monitor for my computer. It turns on and pushing all the various buttons works to bring up various options, but I could never get it to play anything off a USB stick or to work with my computer. I am not great at this stuff, but my son tried for a couple minutes one time as well. There for I make no guarantees. It may need repaired or it may just be a button away from perfection.

Price: 500 baht.

Note: This price is as is. You are welcome to plug it it in an check that it comes on fine and that the remote works, however for this price you do not get to stand in my house for 30 minutes pushing buttons and mansplaining things to me. If you take my time and make me watch while you show how it works the price goes up to 2,000 baht. 555

Phone: 080 8542368
Email: deafk9s@hotmail.com

Thanks for looking!

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Re: Random items for sale

Post by bazfaz » 24 Jul 2017 15:40

Looking in your mirror it seems you are enjoying rainy weather.

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