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A katoy perspective on being drafted into the Army

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 18:30
by yoursTruly
An old article, but an interesting predicament.

“No transgender would ever want to be in the army,” Prempreeda said. “They’ll cut your hair off. They’ll destroy your femininity. You will do everything you can to avoid it.” ... ransgender

The cashew is in the same family as poison ivy....

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 08:42
by yoursTruly
The cashew, being in the same family as poison ivy, can cause a similar allergic reaction. The "nut" is not a nut at all, but rather a "accessory fruit". Makes a good wine too, as visitors to "little" Ko Chang (off Ranong) know.

Zombie Ants Invade Thailand!!

Posted: 15 Jan 2012 10:38
by yoursTruly
Coming soon to your local Drive In Movie Theatre... ... lking-dead

Re: Zombie Ants Invade Thailand!!

Posted: 19 Jan 2012 10:26
by The Family
:lol: I wonder if it's an Alien building defenses ready to invade earth! :mrgreen:

For Intrigue, Malaria Drug Gets the Prize

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 17:56
by yoursTruly

Re: Zombie Ants Invade Thailand!!

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 18:05
by yoursTruly
We can only hope!

It's grad exam time...

Posted: 25 Jan 2012 07:13
by yoursTruly
It's grad exam time...
You have been provided with a razor blade, a piece of gauze, and a
bottle of Scotch. Remove your appendix. Do not suture until your work has
been inspected. (You have 15 minutes.)

Describe the history of the papacy from its origins to the present
day, concentrating especially, but not exclusively, on its social, political,
economic, religious and philisophical impact upon Europe, Asia, America, and
Africa. Be brief, concise, and specific.

Create life. Estimate the differences in subsequent human culture
if this form of life had been created 500 million years ago or earlier, with
special attention to its probable effect on the English parliamentary system.

Scientists: A Big Butt Can Be A Great Asset!

Posted: 25 Jan 2012 07:27
by yoursTruly
"Fat on the hips and thighs is not unhealthy -- it helps you live longer. It's the belly fat you should worry about, say scientists."

Remarkable images of 19th Century New York poverty.

Posted: 25 Jan 2012 07:32
by yoursTruly

General topics and foo

Posted: 25 Jan 2012 08:30
by buksida
I've started this thread for all of the 'unrelated to Bangsaphan' topics, please post them here.

Thailand endorses Twitter censorship decision

Posted: 03 Feb 2012 08:24
by yoursTruly
Thailand has become the first nation to openly endorse Twitter’s decision to allow state by state censorship. ... ensorship/

Re: General topics and foo

Posted: 03 Feb 2012 14:07
by buksida
Yep, those wheels of internet censorship keep on turning ...

The Queen of Thailand drowned because nobody was nobody....

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 09:14
by yoursTruly
The Queen of Thailand drowned because nobody was nobody was allowed to touch her....

Re: The Queen of Thailand drowned because nobody was nobody.

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 09:17
by yoursTruly
Oops, sorry about my stuttering. I had to reedit the subject line because the space allowed is too damned small. On the other hand, "nobody was nobody" describes quite well people who aren't allowed to save their queen because they can't touch her.

New immune-system disease found in Asians

Posted: 24 Aug 2012 14:07
by yoursTruly
New immune-system disease found in Asians (Thais and Taiwanese); causes AIDS-like symptoms in people without HIV ... story.html