Bang Saphan Digital Library fantasies.

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Bang Saphan Digital Library fantasies.

Post by yoursTruly » 30 Aug 2011 22:53

Some of us have mulled this around. A kiosk that you drive up to, plug in your USB drive, select your movies, audio books, ebooks, or music on the smiley faced terminal (with pirate eye patch), download the lot and then drive happily away. No doubt the police would get wind though, and we'd have to pay huge "copyright infringement" bribes, which would defeat the freebie community library idea.

That's too bad because there's a lot of "digital content"--man years (we're talking decades to watch it all) of movies, tunes and reading -- floating around BS, but how to bring it together and make it freely available to all, without any trouble from the authorities.

It would also be nice to have film and book discussions, get together over a pint, and recommend movies and books to each other, take a trip to the friendly e-library to get them, and talk them at the next meeting.

Of course requires electronic players: a computer for the movies, computer or book reader for the ebooks.

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Re: Bang Saphan Digital Library fantasies.

Post by buksida » 31 Aug 2011 07:27

Sounds grand to me, naturally it cannot be a public affair as Thailand is cracking own on copyright infringement so this would give the local plod an excuse to poke the farangs a bit.

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