Whats with the rooster plague?

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Whats with the rooster plague?

Post by buksida » 14 Jan 2022 08:13

Pretty much every property around Suan Luang has a bunch of chickens, they seem to particularly favour roosters - there have to be at least 40 cockerels in the 3-4 properties near me. There are literally hundreds of them running wild around the area here, akin to a plague. If they were rats, people would be up in arms. Hens I can understand for food and eggs given the current price hikes.

So what is the Thai obsession with roosters? You can't eat them, they don't produce eggs, they're not used for fighting, they're messy, extremely noisy, they dig up crops, and are a pest. Just curious as to why most households in Suan Luang has a pack of screeching roosters, maybe they like the noise ... bring back the howling dogs any day.

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