Computer Equipment coming to Thailand

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Computer Equipment coming to Thailand

Post by cjsiam » 31 May 2021 00:45

Given that about 2/3rds of the stars have aligned....Looks like departure for Land of Smiles and
some stint in a hotel for 14days is coming up.....
And then move to BangSaphan and completion of house....

Computers are part and parcel of what I do to entertain myself...some of which involves some
higher performance demands....

Do I buy here (in the US) and transport? Or try and source local?
Are there any good support companies in this space within a couple hours drive? (or even farther?)
UPS/Surge protectors---All will get LOTS of attention...but, when there are casualties---I'm gonna need a place to
go to get fixes/help--are there any?

Also---any thoughts on Laptop vs. Desktop?....fixing/repair of laptop is much more problematic then getting new
boards for a desktop chassis and getting them installed.....but, you're also tied down and more dependant on the
continuous power....

Thoughts and ideas/suggestions solicited.....
(I've been blocked from the Thai Visa can't ask there....)

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Re: Computer Equipment coming to Thailand

Post by buksida » 31 May 2021 08:45

I think I've answered a lot of these on the power problems thread ... but anyway:

I would buy as much as you can in the US. Prices for computer hardware have skyrocketed here recently (they were high to begin with): ... n-the-rise

There are a couple of very basic shops in BS but their knowledge is limited and they have virtually no stock (mice and usb cables mostly).
Parts can be sourced online - I do all of my own builds and repairs.

Laptop vs desktop is an age-old discussion, I have both. One for traveling one for home use. As you know, laptops are a nightmare to fix if something major goes wrong, but they're built pretty well these days - my Acer is now into its fourth year.

You will definitely need a UPS, I would go for 1000va or higher, possibly the solar panel kit also to get you through the power outages.

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Re: Computer Equipment coming to Thailand

Post by Big Boy » 31 May 2021 11:28

One other thing to bear in mind is actual availability in Thailand at the moment. To find what you actually want could take a lot of searching. I've replaced a laptop recently, and ended up having to order out of country. There was a long leadtime tracking the new beastie through the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia. I'm delighted now that I've got it, but it was a long wait.
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Re: Computer Equipment coming to Thailand

Post by bsb » 01 Jun 2021 14:46

Be aware also a ton of the shit here is copies!

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